Physical Nanomaterials Science

There are three areas of my main researches in Physical Nanomaterials Science Laboratory:

1. Materials preparation and characterization
2. Optical spectroscopy
3. Optical imaging

1.  Materials preparation and characterization
We focus on the synthesis of nanostructured materials via physical process (i.e. laser ablation, vapor deposition) or chemical process (i.e. electrochemical cell) for the photovoltaic device and biomedical applications.  The images of nanomaterials are confirmed via transmission electron microscopy or scanning electron microscopy.

Fig. 1  Synthesis of ZnO NPs by laser ablation method.

2.  Optical spectroscopy
We investigate the mechanisms of optical interaction of light with synthesized nanomaterials (especially for plasmonic phenomena in metal and semiconductor) by using optical spectroscopy for the chemical and biological sensing applications.


Fig. 2  Setup of optical UV-VIS spectroscopy.

3.  Optical imaging
We use the special properties of photons in NIR spectral range (650-900 nm) to obtain the detailed images of biological systems via fluorescence diffuse optical tomography measurement of fluorescence target in tissue model.  Fluorescence target excited by NIR light indicates a change in optical property of material.  This fluorescence method is served as a monitoring tool for the diseases diagnosis and treatment.


Fig. 3    A time-domain measurement.