Physics degree from KMITL is an excellent qualification and provides many excellent opportunities to further your careers. Students can choose from three types of degree, depending on their qualifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Applied Physics  2551, 2554

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Master's Degree in Applied Physics  2554, 2554(2)

The Master's degree in Applied Physics is a 2 Yrs thesis based program. The program accepts undergraduate students who earned Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics, Physics, or Engineering. 

What you will learn for the first year?
  • Mathematics for physicist
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Classical mechanics
  • Electromagnetics
  • Solid-state physics
  • Seminar
What you will learn for the second year?
The 2nd year is for master thesis work. Students may find the thesis adviser and research topics. The number of master's degree student is about 30.


Doctoral Degree in Applied Physics  2554, 2554(2)

This program is 3 Yrs. research based course. There is no course work. Student may find thesis adviser and do the research work in the laboratory.
Prospective Careers
Graduates of the Applied Physics program apply their knowledge to various aspects of community and economic development in positions that include:
  • Engineering works in the manufacturing factory
  • Research associates in the private company and government agencies
  • Computer network supervisors
  • Telecommunication engineers
  • Renewable energy scientists